Interview Planning


Interview process

Roadmap for UNH Interviews by Videoconference


General Notes:

  • Interview calls should not go point to point due the possibility of accidental interruptions by candidates
  • The bridge should dial out to participants whenever possible (requires participant addresses).
    • This simplifies process by bypassing the need to enter PINs (passwords)
    • Each conference should still have a PIN to prevent accidental participants
    • Each interview should have its own conference scheduled for confidentiality
    • The term ‘interview’ should be avoided when discussing with far-end technical staff, and in its place, ‘conference’ in order to preserve confidentiality
    • Conference titles should not contain candidate names
    • Consecutive conferences should have a few minute buffer between them
    • Conference extensions can be made during the conference if needed



  • Make a new calendar in Outlook/other specifically for this set of interviews to coordinate each conference and test conference
    • Each calendar event should contain the following:
    • Event name: Candidate’s Name and time in the format: Last, First, Start-time
    • Body…
      • Status: What remains to be done (initial contact, test call, etc.)
      • Candidate’s Contact Information
      • Candidate’s Technical Staff Contact Information
      • Dial-out information (their VC appliance address; whether or not they have  auto-answer enabled)
      • Use Category colors to indicate status:
      • Red=no contact;
      • Yellow=corresponding;
      • Orange=test call scheduled;
      • Green=cleared)


Communication – Candidates should be made aware of the following:

  • We cannot accommodate Skype, oovoo, Google+, etc. until Mid-January 2014

Only standards-compliant, non-proprietary applications are supported. Skype, ooVoo, Google+ are all becoming very popular consumer-grade video conferencing solutions. They are not, however, secure, HIPPAA compliant, interoperable with professional-grade video conferencing equipment, usually lack professional-grade video and audio quality, are far more prone to technical problems, and are therefore not suitable for video conferences where professionalism is vital.

  • Video Conferencing Facility strongly encouraged

Although ConnectNH can accommodate computer-based video conferencing by using Cisco Jabber (candidates would have to download, install, configure, log in, and perform a test call), candidates are strongly encouraged to use a professional video conferencing facility that will take care of all technical and visual aspects of the call, leaving the candidate to be able to focus solely on the interview.

  • Not Their Current Employer’s VC facility/rescources

It is generally a conflict of interests for organizations to supply VC resources for their employees to interview with other potential employers. For this reason, we strongly encourage using a third-party video conferencing facility.

  • High Definition (HD)

Although not required, HD is preferred for interviews as the facial features and cues are far more visible. If SD must be used, the candidate’s camera should be able to zoom in on the candidate such that they take up a large portion of the viewable area.

  • Video Conferencing Facility Search

Performing a Google search for “Video conferencing” along with one’s town or city of preference, then clicking on the ‘Maps’ link, will provide a map of available video conferencing facilities.

  • Test calls are strongly encouraged

Test calls need to be done far enough in advance of the actual conference to allow for alternative arrangements, should they be necessary (a week ahead is generally acceptable).

  • Candidate Can’t Receive incoming VC Calls?

If the candidate’s VC resources are unable to receive incoming calls from the ConnectNH bridge and need to call out for the conference, they (or VC facility staff) must be able to properly place a call that requires a PIN (password).


Steps to Making the Test Calls:

1.  Schedule the test call

  1. Get technical staff contact information
  2. Get video endpoint address if available
    1. IP address (similar to, or
    2. SIP address (similar to
    3. Make sure the unit tested is the same one that will be used for the interview
  3. Schedule the test call with facility
  4. Update coordation calendar with your endpoint information and the candidate’s endpoint information


2.  During the test call, check for:

  1. Call properly dialed out to all parties it was supposed to
  2. Video clarity – no pixilation or artifacts
  3. Audio clarity – no unnatural sounds
  4. Auto-answer enabled on far-end? (this means the candidate needn’t even press a button to accept the incoming call – it’ll just automatically pick up)


** If any of these did not perform as expected, contact ConnectNH immediately to let them know. Alternative VC arrangements might need to be made.